YouLian Mule Spinning Machine Monitoring and Management Software

YouLian Mule Spinning Machine Monitoring and Management Software

Platform overview : YouLian mule spinning machine monitoring and management platform is one of YouLian e+ series products. This monitoring and management platform for intelligent mule machine based on the Internet. That is to install an intelligent gateway system on the mule spinning machine, and upload all kinds of data(mainly obtained from the sensor) from the device to the cloud server, through data processing. Authorised roles can get real-time information from the PC terminal and APP terminal, monitor and manage the device, and fully understand the machine's usage parameters, production, operationand failure and so on.


Customer existing problems

  • The cost of after-sale maintenance is high and the maintenance efficiency is low.

  • Enterprise managers can't understand the status of equipment in real time.

  • The existing equipment has no early warning device, which is easy to cause unplanned shutdown.

  • Equipment failure code can not be uploaded in time, increase maintenance difficulty and time.

  • The equipment does not have the function of independent diagnosis and investigation, which affects the maintenance efficiency.


Product advantage

  • Intelligent monitoring and management platform based on internet, internet of things and big data research.

  • Remote after-sale service can be realized, maintenance efficiency is improved, and the cost of maintenance are reduced.

  • To realize remote system upgrade data update and other services.

  • Breaking the traditional mode of information exchange, the data chain of the whole production process becomes visible.

  • Fault early warning, reduce unplanned downtime to most.

  • Fault alarm, quick diagnosis. Inform the cause of the failure and the solution.

  • Customizable data interface and docking with the customer management system.


Product function

  • Real time monitoring : The real time data chain is built on the Internet, which terminates the past data fragment mode of interaction. Whole production data chain of the process becomes visible, and the client can master parameters, production operation, failure maintenance and so on of the current device, by using APP and PC.

  • Fault early warning : The monitoring and management platform can percept the upcoming failure including the failure characteristics of locationtime and possible cause by fault early warning signals. Instead of repair, planned maintenance reduces the unplanned downtime to most.

  • Fault alarm : The system can push the relevant fault data to the APP or PC of the related authorised personnel. By these data, related personnel can totally understand the true cause of the failure and current status of the device, make it easier to solve the failure in time.

  • Data accumulation : Through platform, the database of equipment operation status is established: equipment failure and solution will be recorded in the knowledge base.


Features :

  • Flexible & Changeable to meet multiple working conditions & scene configuration
  • Multiformity & intelligence to support the application of various industry solution
  • Active service, provides multi role operation management model

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