Numerical Controlled Tangential Belt Mule Spinning Machine YZD

Details :

  • The middle of carriage on the machine has advantages of simple structure, steady transmission. It can reduce the consumption of spare parts and greatly reduce maintenance costs.
  • The electrical part of the machine using AC frequency inversion, stepping drive technology and closed loop control to feedback data timely and fix them immediately. It can realize the harmony operation of carriage, spindle, roller and shaping to control the cop’s twist, drafting and drawing effectively. The shape and tightness of cop can be changed by parameter settings.
  • Carriage stretch is 1900~3000MM, No. of spindles are 490~792. The machine removes most of the complicated transmission mechanism of mechanical mule. It is centrally controlled by PLC, comprised of digital module, encoder, sensor and related electric components that control 3 frequency inverters and a step driver. The frequency inverter and step driver also control 3 motors and a step motor to make the whole machine move for spinning automation.

Technical Characteristics :

  • Numerical control mule spinning with tangential belt greatly raises the efficiency compared with mechanical mule. The comprehensive output can increase 10%-30% which depends on the different types of yarn.
  • Process parameters can be set via the touch panel. It is easy to operate, safe and reliable. Modular design enables users quickly master the operation of machine even non-technical staff and it is more helpful for wool textile enterprise to hire workers.
  • It can reduce the maintenance time and frequency on the machine, as well as the requirement of spare parts.
  • The machine uses closed loop control to feedback data timely and fixes them immediately. It adopts modular design and makes each mechanism move independently. Mechanisms cooperate closely during running and enable the control of subdivision index more accurate after using closed loop control. It can be used in different types of yarn and improve the quality.
  • Adopting AC frequency inversion, the machine transmit steady with good energy-saving effect and high reliability.
  • The machine uses tangential belt to twist to guarantee the regularity. On the other hand, tangential belt has the advantages of light, flexible and long service life. It can reduce the electricity power and cost correspondingly.
  • The machine with alarm function can monitor the electrical components on the device in real time. Warning troubleshooting guide graphics automatically appear when an alarm occurs. Non-technical staff also can solve the problem according to the guide when the machine fails to work.
  • The machine comes equipped with a remote monitor. Our technical staff can offer tele-maintenance service only by a telephone line of the electrical control cabinet.

Technical parameters

Draft(adjustable): Total:1.00~1.71 Dispersed: 0.95~1.71 -
Twist(adjustable): Total:60~1200 First:0~300 Second:0~1200 -
Spindle speed(adjustable): First:1000~3000 Second:3000~5000 Third:5000~6000 -
Carriage-out speed (optional): First:6.5S Second:8.5S Third:10.5S Fourth:12.5S -
Count(adjustable): 6.0~36.0 Carriage taking-in max speed: 3.5S/3000MM
Twist shrinkage carriage speed(adjustable): 5~30MM/S  
Spindle space: 50MM, 55MM, 60MM No. of spindles: 490S~792S
Total power: 20KW Actual consumed power: 6~7KW

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