Carding Machine Suction Blower

Manufacturing advantages

  • Thirty years experience in precision manufacturing, Full range of processing machineries, is committed to provide customers with perfect products.
  • Capable of producing a full range of kyowa woolen textile machinery accessories manufacturers. Also provide Italy\ Poland\ Belgium. Britain and other imported woolen textile machinery parts.

Product overview
The suction blower is an important part of carding machine. The web from D doffer is bunching into rove through tape condenser. The roves formed by the thinner web on both sides of take-up roller is introduced into the suction vent and enters the suction blower. They will be chopped into scrap by the relative motion between the fixed blade and active blade and sent back the scale hopper and reprocessed to form the web mixed with the raw material.

Product features
The key to evaluate the performance of a suction blower is the blade cutting effect and the suction air flow.

  • We developed the new generation of suction blower products. Not only in appearance design and material quality, but also in the production engineering improvement and innovation. Our products have been tested and used by customers. It has achieved satisfactory results.
  • The blade is the core part of the suction blower. The excellence of blade quality is to ensure cutting rove more uniform. knotting and hold-up fiber free. It is easier to reused.
    • The blades are made of aluminum parts instead of iron castings, and the blades are lighter, effectively reducing the impact on suction and lower energy consumption. With bigger suction air flow and high efficiency three phase asynchronous motor, it solves the problem that the chopped roves choke the pipeline due to insufficient suction.
    • The suction blower shell is made of aluminum material, which is lighter and easy to transport and installation. Our product quality is stable and reliable, cost-effective, reducing the products life-cycle cost ; Moreover, spare parts are routinely stocked to meet customer needs in time.

Scope of applicaion
Universal products, suitable for all kinds of carding machines, regular stock.

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