Carding Machine Doffer Comb & Combo Box

Manufacturing advantages

  • Thirty years experience in precision manufacturing, Full range of processing machineries, is committed to provide customers with perfect products.
  • Capable of producing a full range of kyowa woolen textile machinery accessories manufacturers. Also provide Italy, Poland Belgium, Britain and other imported woolen textile machinery parts.

Product overview

  • The doffer comb system is mainly composed of comb box (main and auxiliary), comb (comb rod and comb blade).
  • It's principle is to use mechanical or motor driver to drive the comb to make high frequency swing motion and cut down the fibers from the doffer to from web

Product features

  • The two components of the connecting rod and the swing arm play a very important role in the comb box. We selected to use cast steel parts, and after many processings, the surface of the products has high surface evenness, better rigidity, long service life, more stable quality and mostly reduced the rate of repair.
  • The comb rod is driven by comb box with the primary crankshaft . The primary crankshaft is a structure complicated parts. We select the more rigorous forging material of molecular structure which is good toughness, not easy to break, high strength and light weight, long service life, reduce failure rate and maintenance cost.
    • When running at high speed, it can increase the swing frequency of the comb rod and reduce the swing range, so as to achieve the ideal web stripping effect.
  • The comb blade is the core part of the comb assembly. We select and use carbon steel material, excellent blade quality, ensure that the web is more evenly stripped off, knot proof and fiber-hanging free ,smaller longitudinal difference of the web.

Scope of application
It is suitable for all kinds of carding machines, and can be customized according to customer size.

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