Carding Machine Dividing Roller

Manufacturing advantages

  • Thirty years experience in precision manufacturing, Full range of processing machineries, is committed to provide customers with perfect products.
  • Capable of producing a full range of kyowa woolen textile machinery accessories manufacturers. Also provide Italy\ Poland Belgium. Britain and other imported woolen textile machinery parts.

Product overview
The important function of dividing roller is to divide the web transmitted by the doffer and form small ribbons on the tapes. The dividing roller is mainly composed of dividing slices and dividing shaft.

Product features

  • There are many dividing slices on a dividing shaft. For example, 90 slices are used the standard 80 inch dividing roller. The middle slices are the same, except the two slices on both sides of the shaft. The uniformity of web dividing requires the consistency of the numbers of slice which requires high-precision processing.
  • The dividing shaft is made of 4oCr steel, after aging treatment, it can effectively increase hardness strength and reduce internal stress. The product is more durable, Iow repair rate, reduce the unplanned shutdown of the customer.

Scope of application
It is suitable for all kinds of carding machines, and can be customised according to customer size.

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