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Founded in 1990, You Lian Textile Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. has established a strong team consisting of high degree talents with both technical and management background. As a only whole series of spare parts provider for Kyowa card and mule, You Lian also provides relevant spare parts for Woolen machines originated from German, Italy, UK, Poland and Belgium. You Lian has it’s significant strength in the vision of ‘‘Problem Solver’’ for the woolen industry, the ability of innovation and capability of mechanical processing and mechanical-electrical integration.


Based on the requirements of Woolen industry, You Lian has developed the first computer controlled mule domestic based on Kyowa mule and got good effects from the customers. Further than that, adopting advanced Siemens control system and new mechanical structure, after 3 years research and development, You Lian has successfully developed new generation mule with whole servo control and obtained the authorization of 2 invention patents in 2011. All the related index of yarn has reached top level. At the same time, the reform project for mule has been exported and implemented in Japanese woolen companies.You Lian’s business area includes a variety of spare parts, mule, reform and modification service and agent for second-hand woolen machines.


With the rapid development of enterprise and our ceaseless efforts, You Lian was listed at Tianjin Equity Exchanges as the first listed enterprise in Suzhou on Dec.26, 2011. Equity Name: You Lian Equipment. Equity Code: 632001.We have been the qualified supplier of Germany’s Siemens. The vendor code is 4000026900. CNOC: 703704119.You Lian is devoting itself to provide Total Solution for woolen textile mills and is on the way to commission to guard the woolen industry. Read more...

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