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Servo Controlled Tangential Belt Mule Spinning Machine YZJ-1

Cashmere, velvet, wool, rabbit hair, blended spinning and other raw fiber can be spun on Servo Control Tangential Belt Mule Spinning Machine. Yarn from the Mule has many advantages such as good evenness, good strength, low count irregularity, low percentage of twist deviation, regular distribution of twist, sponginess, etc. The electrical part of the machine adopts the state-of-the-art motion controller-SIMotion D Drive Based. It can realize the synchronistical motion of carriage, spindle, roller and shaping to control the cop’s twist, drafting and drawing effectively. The shape and tightness of cop can be changed by parameter settings interface on touch panel. The whole control system can be connected to the computer to realize communication through the networks interfaces. Furthermore, it realizes remote diagnosis and maintenance via Internet.

Technical Characteristics :

  • The machine adopts the state-of-the-art motion controller-SIMotion D Drive Based to guarantee seamless integration between drive control, logic control and complicated algorithm, which are based on the integration design of drive control, logic control and the advanced algorithm. Also it makes the machine running coordinately and accurately and realizes the synchronization, smoothness, efficiency, stability of the machine by unique mechanical design.
  • Unwinding cam control, yarn forming cam control and yarn tension control are realized by the original algorithm. It makes yarn shock-free during unwinding and the movement of forming bow more accurate in the process of winding in favor of winding tension control. The surface of yarn is more clean and exquisite.
  • Compared with drum structure, spindles driven by tangential belt effectively save energy with less interia. The whole machine can reduce the energy consumption by one third to two thirds. The transmission difference of spindles and spindle slippage is little by tangential belt, which effectively decrease the percentage of twist deviation and the twist irregularity. Winding has enveloping layer and winding layer, which makes the yarn not easily fall off and improves the density of package. It has good winding forming under any circumstances which is more helpful for yarn-reversal in the next procedure.
  • The machine has adopted the forming control algorithm that is relatively independent. It is suited for different ring bobbins. Shape parameter of cop and carriage length can also be set. Therefore, it provides more reasonable solutions for different ring bobbins. For example, in order to make the yarn-reversal easy, users can set the shape of yarn into dumpy if they need high tension. Conversely, if users need less tension they can choose lanky. The machine adopts the synchronizing system of tension and winding to better control the tension with trend control. It can spin one or two laps only, which is more convenient for carriage test, trial production of small batches and exchange.
  • It has the extensible function to increase or decrease the quantity and the type of movement mechanism. It provides more extensible possibility to satisfy more application requirements for customers in the future. The machine is equipped with neiwork interface to realize the communication with the Internet. It can share the productive and technological parameters with the computer so as to provide the interface to realize the MES and ERP system.
  • There are fewer wearing parts on the machine and all of them are transmission components.

Technical Parameters

Count of yarn: 6~48 Spindle height: 320MM
Spindle space:50MM 55MM 60MM 62MM No. of spindles: 400~800 (optional)
Spindle speed range: 0~10000 RPM Carriage-out length: 2.5~4M (stepless adjustable)
Carriage taking-in speed 2.3S/4M stretch ( stepless adjustable ) Draft multiple: 0.95~2.0
Carriage stretch: 3M, 3.5M, 4M (optional) Draft form: dispersing, central and twistless draft
Electrical control form: AC servo synchronous Control with 6 axles
Floor space: 47M*4M (756 spindles, spindle space 600M, carriage-out length 3M)
Twisting form: 3 spindle speed ( allocate according to process requirement, the first one and the third one are optional )
Total installed power: 40KW Actual consumed power: 8~13KW

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